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“I have been very impressed with Marshall's work ethic and passion to gain as much experience as possible in the sportscasting industry.  I look forward to sharing the broadcast booth with him in the future!”


@KennyAlbert (Kenny Albert) - Fox Sports, MSG Networks, NBC

“Marshall has the tools to become a terrific broadcaster: dedicated, good attitude, passionate, wants to learn, personable, the list goes on. Being a college level athlete certainly doesn't hurt either. I met Marshall at a broadcasting camp and the kids really looked up to him. I was immediately impressed with his personality: he can have a conversation with anyone and is very easy going. Through his time as an intern with MSG Networks I know he worked very hard, went above and beyond and contributed positively. If I were heading up a network, I would absolutely put Marshall in the mix. His potential is very high!”


@Arda (Arda Ocal) - ESPN

“Marshall Kramsky's  drive, passion and will to be the very best is something special and rare. He brings new light to the industry, a light that shines brighter than all the rest. I have never met a broadcaster more willing to do what it takes and do it with a smile. He stays on the attack, and is a true example of when you care more, you do more. Marshall is without question, the future.”


@18SportsAndy (Andy Malnoske) - Emmy-Award Winning Sports Director at NBC Elmira, ESPN 3, Ivy League Network, Wrestling INC

“Marshall doesn't just "talk the talk" -- he "walks the walk." No matter the drive, the flight, or how many phone calls it may take, Marshall is there, eager to learn and always with a smile. I have never met someone who is not only constantly seeking and building connections, but who also genuinely nurtures those relationships to a level far superior than 99% of his contemporaries. It doesn't matter if you are a lowly production assistant, a sportscaster in Market 156, or the play-by-play man for the Super Bowl: Marshall wants to be your friend, learn from you, and, in turn, help you be a better you.”


@MiaObrienTV (Mia O’Brien) - First Coast News, Jacksonville

“I met Marshall and was completely blown away by his personality and desire to excel. He is poised beyond his years, has benefited from experiences of being in New York City and playing on the NYU baseball team, has an easy going personality, is creative and will do what it takes to get to the next level. He is eager to learn, takes direction easily and moves effortlessly between different groups of people. I’m glad to now know Marshall and recognize he is a star in the making.”


@dsiroty (David Siroty) Imagine Productions LLC, Sports Broadcasting Camps

“Marshall had a solid foundation on sports broadcasting when he arrived and he built on it every chance he could. He made himself available to us whenever we needed and contributed so much more to the team than was expected. Marshall brings all of the ideal qualities you look for in a candidate -- a sense of responsibility, a hard work ethic and (most importantly) a desire to keep learning. I have no doubt that Marshall will be successful in his future endeavors and I highly recommend giving him an opportunity.”


@joerupolo (Joe Rupolo) - WABC 7

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